Kitui South MP de-links her liason with anti-Ngilu propagandist.

Kitui South MP, Hon. Rachael Kaki Nyamai

Kitui South MP Hon. Rachael Nyamai has de-linked herself from connections with an online propagandist against Governor Ngilu.

Kitui South Member of National Assembly Hon. Rachael Kaki Nyamai has totally distanced herself from any connections with anti-Ngilu propagandist who has constantly been criticizing and ridiculing Ms. Ngilu’s administration.

The MP disowned the allegations that she is behind the infamous ‘Tharaka’ who has been spreading propaganda targeting Gov. Ngilu via online platforms especially WhatsApp. Since her take off as the Kitui Governor, the named has openly been defaming the Governor by ridiculing her administration.

Nyamai added that she can never disapoint and act contrary to her political mentor since she has political roots from Ms. Ngilu. She described Ms. Ngilu as one of her closer friends who has played a key role in shaping her political career.

The MP has by far differed with Ngilu’s opinions of linking her with the anonymous Tharaka who from time to time has been criticizing her administration.Nyamai distanced herself from the Governor’s earlier statement that linked her to the named online propagandist.

However, the parliamentarian called upon the Governor to adress the public about the frequent cases of hired goons threatening the Kitui residents and the administrative to an extent of ejecting some from their offices forcefully.This comes just a few days after the arrest of the Senior county Officer of Kitui County by a group of youths.This officer got arrested while he was taking lunch at an hotel in Kitui town.

Ngilu’s NARC party enabled Nyamai scoop the Kitui South seat in 2013 elections amid the stiff political among the contesters.However,prior to 2017 general elections she ditced Ngilu’s NARC and vied on a different vehicle.

Earlier, Ngilu opted withdraw his party from the Jubilee Alliance following her sacking as the CS Lands.During the political realignments ahead of 2017 general elections, Ngilu aligned her NARC party to NASA Alliance headed by Odinga.

“My role is to represent my people in the National Assembly and not the oversight dealings of the County Government,” Hon. Nyamai said.

The MP de-linked herself from the Head of Governor’s Communication Unit Mr. Munyasya Musya who is suspected to have some information about anti-Ngilu propagandist ‘Tharaka’ and now under police hunt by Kitui police officers.She expressed her disatisfaction over the arrest of the chief county officer.

Nyamai added that she has no links with either the county officers only that he comes from her constituency.

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