Demonstrations turn chaotic in Mwingi town


Business has been brought to a standstill at Mwingi town today, after supporters of Kitui governor Charity Ngilu and those of Mwingi central MP Dr Gideon Mulyungi clashed during a demonstration aimed at protesting against use of harsh words by the MP against governor Ngilu.

Women in the town had launched demonstrations to protest the move by the area legislator, but the demonstration turned chaotic at the Mwingi Bus station when supporters of the warring sides clashed.

According to the Women, Governor Ngilu is the head of the county and just like the other leaders she should be awarded due respect. ” We elected Governor and she has to be accorded the necessary respect” one woman added.

However, Mwingi police have claimed that the demonstrators had not informed the police on time for security and that is why they couldn’t control the situation.

Several people have so far been arrested following the chaos and they are currently being held at Mwingi police station.

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