200 bags of charcoal ‘leaves’ Kitui Police Station as ‘Ngilu’ watches


A lorry with 200 sacks of charcoal that had been previously held was on Wednesday 12 released by kitui police officers.

This lorry and a pick up left the station at around 10pm  as ‘Ngilu’ watched, even after the police had pladged with the governor Charity Ngilu to have it held.

The process was ceased by the governor on Wednesday after the protest of the residents outside kitui police station.

The protesters had sorrounded the vehicle demanding offload of the charcoal before release.

Ngilu challenged the acting police commander Muthuri Mwongera who said that the county would be permitted to file an appeal against a court ruling for the vehicle’s release.

The police accompanied the lorry out of kitui at night

Ngilu had instructed four county vehicles to guard the lorry. But at night the county vehicles were removed and the lorry escorted by armed police officers.

Only two county vehicles were found at the site and the other two found at the police station parking.

“I had asked the governor to appeal the order and get a stay-of-execution injunction but no orders was delivered. I had no choice but to let go of the lorry and its contents”, Mwongera said.

The county of Kitui had banned charcoal trade to preserve the environment.

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