We love you Governor Ngilu, kindly come back to Mwingi, MCA Mwingi central

Mary Kanini Phillip (Philma) - MCA, Mwingi township

Mwingi central member of county assembly Mary kanini Phillip has pleaded with Governor Ngilu to come back to Mwingi and carry on with her development agendas within the ward.

Speaking in Mwingi town yesterday (12/4/2018) during a meeting spearheaded by Mwingi business community, the MCA, commonly known as Philma said she supports the governor and her plans to develop this town condemning what happened two weeks ago where Ngilu’s meeting was disrupted by some rowdy youths.

Mama Ngilu I have spoken to my people and they are eagerly waiting for you . I promise what happened  last time won’t repeat itself”  Philma pleaded

According to her the youths were paid to disturb the occasion adding that the 11,600 residents of Mwingi are eagerly looking forward to her development.

Joseph Kongo,the chair of Mwingi business community urged residents to join hands and work together to better the ward.

” If we push the Governor away,its to our own disadvantage, let’s cooperate and work together because she has the interest to develop this town.” Kongo emphasized.

Lastly, Mary Philip said that Mwingi business people are ready to close their shops, attend Governor’s next meeting, listen to her development plans and air their views on how Mwingi will become better.


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