Kitui South MP Rachael Kaki calls for De- gazettement of Game reserve in Mutha area

Hin Rachel Kaki speaking at Ilamba Primary School, Kitui South

Kaki’s Weekend Development tour reaches Mutha Ward leaving the locals happier after her deliveries more and more promises.

On Saturday morning 14-04-2018, Kitui South MP Hon. Rachael Kaki Nyamai toured Ilamba primary school at Mutha Ward on her usual Weekend Development Tour which is purposely aimed at fostering economic, social and cultural development to her constituency.

During her visit,the area Member of National Assembly issued a cash cheque worth 0.5 M KSh. to the local school for construction of more learning classrooms so as ease decongest the small congested clasrooms.The rehabilitation funds allocated are also made to cater for the improvement of the school infrastructure standards since its below the expected standards.

Before completion of her Weekend Development Tour,Hon. Nyamai adressed the local residents of Mutha Assembly Ward who had convened at Mutha trading centre.Various issues were adressed including the fate of government reserved Mutha Reserve.

The legislator expressed her dissatisfaction to see her people rendered landless while there is a sizeable acreage of the Mutha Reserve which is idle and suitable for human habitation.

“I will personally request the Government to degazette the so called Mutha Game Reserve .That land belongs to Mutha people and should be divided among the residents,” Kaki said.

She added that she will soon be visiting President Kenyatta personally to discuss the matter. Kaki expressed her dissatisfaction concerning the chronic challenges her Kitui South/Mutomo consituency electorates have been undergoing since the take off from the Colonial White Hands. The Parliamentarian assured her residents that she would use their mandate vested in her to reach the National Government to come up with a long lasting solution to the matter.

Concerning the wild animals said to live in the reserve, the Legislator said that no wild animals that have been living in the forest which can be interfered with upon de-gazettement of the. Nyamai said that its only camels that graze on that forest and not the wild animals as expected to be.

She added that the long existing idle land can be transformed to Agri-Hub since the soils are fertile and can support large scale production of commercial crops such as rice. Kaki added that the land needs to be transformed to human settlement area to allow Mutha locals practice various agricultural practices to boost the food production and better their lives.

Also, the legislator urged Kitui County Administration headed by Governor Ngilu to write to the National Government led by Uhuru Kenyatta adressing the matter. She said the letter should be drafted and send as soon as possible to the relevant authorities clearly defining the need for de-gazettement of the reserve for human settlement

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