Sexual abuse on the rise, need for action – Adelinah Mwau

    Makueni Deputy Governor - Hon Adelina Mwau

    Makueni county establishes a department to deal with  gender based violence cases on Friday 13th.

    This follows after residents out cry over the increasing number of sexual harrasment of young boys and girls in Makueni county.

    The department consists of ten members from the county,gender based violence recovery center and Nairobi women’s hospital.

    The department will present its report next week which will consist of strategies of setting up a gender violence center in Wore and informing residents in the sane including the budget needed.

    The deputy governor of Machakos county Adelina Mwau said that the cases of sexual abuse are on the rise and this could negatively affect education.

    An outreach program will be started on schools as government initiative on empowerment against gender based violence and sexual abuse.

    She said, “I am glad to inform you that the gover of Makueni county is in the process of initiating a school based program for children in our schools.”

    The deputy governor was speaking when closing the sixth edition of kenya secondary heads assocuation – Makueni  chapter on Thursday at Travellers hotel,Mombasa.

    She recognized the role played by teachers in guiding and mentoring young people.

    Mwau added, “I wish to state that teachers are role models and mentors and the kind of values they inculcate in the children have a direct effect on society and the development of our children.”

    Makueni county government has spent sh265million on bursaries and scholarships in aid of students from poor families.

    The county has been giving out full scholarships to bright but poor students with now 190 beneficiaries since 2013 and 79 for this financial year.

    The government of Makueni county recognises that education is an investment for our children being the most important aspect in empowering our youth to become responsible and productive citizens of Makueni and Kenya at large,”Mwau said.

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