Former Minister Shows Ngilu Ingratitude: Resorts to Propaganda

Ms Rosaita Ngina - Health CEC, KItui

Sunday night, the former Minister vowed not to take up her new role as the County Health Coordinator. Speaking at a popular hotel in Kitui (where she met a number of her nieces and friends) she said she will not go down a lone. The Minister vowed to come up with a surefire strategy to ensure her fellow ministers are tainted and perhapssuspended..

Early morning, several contractors and supporters met at a hotel behind the Muslim School. They later tried to woo several Kitui based bloggers and online users to start sharing what they called “cabinet secrets“. Most of those called ignored the call as it was sheer malice and witch hunt. She failed to get quorum and decided to use a Nairobi based blogger Cnyakundi.

This is what, however, the failed and fallen Minister forgot to tell her new found Blogger:

1. That 7 children died in one day in Kitui Level 4 hospital. She never bothered to meet the parents who severally went to see her in her office. It only took the governors intervention to condole with the families .

2. That on 3rd February 2018, at around 9:30am a woman gave birth at her office gates after her juniors abandoned her at the customer care desk. She later failed to take action on them.

3. All the tenders she mentioned through her Nairobi mouthpiece were a key factor in her dismissal. In fact she didn’t dare mention the companies there because they belong to her cronies and relatives.

Reacting to the blog, several online users have accused the Minister of miss stepping.

This is not good at all. First, the Minister should have been grateful that she wasn’t fired and was instead given other duties. Secondly, she should be worried about future employers. This is in bad taste“, said SM Mue.

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