Kitui Central : NG-CDF Bursary Disbursements at Assembly Ward Level.


The National Government-CDF of Kitui central  constituency is expected to kick off on Monday 16th April,2018 at Ward Level.

All the needy students are expected to benefit after the NG-CDF disbursement process is through across all the 5 Wards.

Office of the area Member of National Assembly Hon. Makali Mulu confirmed that the bursary awarding had to be devolved to Ward level so as to reduce the transport cost and long queuing at the CDF Headquarters.

The leadership of Kitui Central CDF urges all the secondary school students to attend the bursary allocation meetings as scheduled in each of the 5 constituency wards.

NG-CDF Headquarters confirmed that the allocations shall be done at Ward levels and not at CDF Head Offices as has been over the years to avoid the challenges the applicants have been going through.

Office of CDF urges the secondary school students to come in large numbers for the bursary allocation.

For the locals of Kyangwithya West Assembly Ward, the event is expected to kick off on Monday 16 th April, 2018 at Ithiiani Chief’s office.

Kyangwithya East Ward residents shall be convening at Kwa -Ukungu (Kiwanzani) on Tuesday 2018 April,17 for the same event.

The bursary disbursement for secondary schools students from the Township Ward shall be held on Wednesday 18th April,2018 at Central Primary school in Kitui town.

Mulango Ward students from needy backgrounds are expected to converge at Katulani Chief’s camp on Thursday 19-04-2018 for the bursary allocations.

The locals of Miambani Ward shall gather at Miambani primary school on Friday 20th April, 2018 for the bursary allocation so as to better their education.

All the needy students are expected to benefit from the constituency funds so as to continue with their education. First priority shall be given to those students from very needy backgrounds before considering other factors are being taken into considrration.

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