Chebukati should also resign, MP Mulyungi

Hon Gideon Mulyungi - MP, Mwingi Central

Mwingi central MP Dr. Gideon Mulyungi has lauded the three IEBC commissioners who resigned on Monday April 16th, 2018 for taking the bold step and called upon the chair of the commission to follow soot and resign in order to pave way for lasting reforms in the body which the NASA coalition casted a lot of doubt in the 8th of August general election and the repeat presidential elections.

On Monday, three commissioners from the IEBC announced their immediate resignation from the commission, thus leaving the commission crippled as it currently lacks the quorum of five commissioners required by law for it to transact any business.

The three; Ms Connie Nkatha who was the Vice Chair of the commission, Dr Paul Kurgat and Ms Margaret Mwachanya announced their resignation in a joint press statement in Nairobi, thus completely paralysing operations of the constitutional body.

During an interview with the press at Mwingi, Dr Mulyungi said that it’s now clear that even the commissioners have realized the level of decay in the commissioner and that’s why they preferred t quite, this according to him confirms the concerns which had been raised by NASA fraternity during last year’s general elections.

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The legislator has called upon IEBC chair Wafula Chebukati and the remaining commissioners to be bold enough and resign in order to give room for full reforms in the body, as his resignation will allow the national assembly to undertake the legislative process in order to put a new body in place before 2022 general elections.

Dr Mulyungi said that failure of Mr Chebukati and the remaining commissioner to resign would force the national assembly to pursue other constitutional means to disband the whole commission and institute the necessary reforms which would give this nation free and fair election in future.


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