Man in Court over death threat to his elderly mother at a rural village in Kitui.


Man in court over death threat to his elderly mother at a rural village of Ngenuka Nenda in Kitui County.

On monday 16 th April 2018, a middle aged man was arraigned in Kitui Law Courts over the charge of threatening to kill his 70 years old mother at a rural village in Kitui Rural constituency.

Before Kitui Principle Magistrate Johnstone Munguti,the accused by name Isika Kalungu denied the charge of threatening to kill his elderly mother at Ngenuka Nenda village, Kyangwithya East Ward in Kitui County for allegations of family wrangles.The accused is said to have differed greatly with his mother over unknown reasons which are suspected to be emanating from the family affairs.

However, the court refused to free the accused boy on cash bail or a free bond of a simmilar surety citing that the boy is still posing a great threat to her elderly mother hence cannot be allowed out of the court Chambers.In addition to thay,the young boy could not be freed since could turn hostile to the local community.He could also engage himself in unlawful acts in the society which can endanger the peaceful community coexistence among the community members.

Also,if the young boy gets freed to the public,its not known how he would react to the local publics including his own mother.This is one of the major reasons as to why the accused could not be allowed to mix up with the publics.

Over the last years,such accused people upon being freeed from the hands of police officers have been revenging to the community.Also,they also engage themselves in more evil deeds before moving to the self exile.

Kitui Law Courts Magistrate Johnstone Munguti ordered the mentioning of the case to be on 30 th April 2018 where the hearing was scheduled on 5 th May 2018 where the accused shall be presented before the court chambers for trial.

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