Use Ariel detergent to kill the armyworms as we wait for pesticides, Mwingi west Mp

Hon Charles Nguna - MP, Mwingi West

Army worms are destructive caterpillar pests of grass pastures and cereal crops that feed from the leaf surface of pasture.If infestation occurs, plants are entirely devoured and field crops decimated.

The hungry worms have invaded most parts of the country during this rainy season an occurrence  that has left most farmers pleading  to the government’s intervention to see them happily enjoy their produce.

Residents of mwingi west within Kitui county have called upon the county and national  government  to issue them with pesticides inorder to curb the infestation  of the worms that  eliminates plants in less a day.


Commenting  on the issue, Mwingi west member of national assembly ,Charles Ngusya Nguna has pleaded with his residents to use Ariel detergent(mixing the detergent with water then sprinkling the mixture on the plants)  as a way of doing away with the worms  as they wait for pesticide from both county and national  government.

Results  have shown that Ariel completely  kills these  worms. I besiege you to use the detergent first inorder to control the situation as  we wait for pesticides,”Mheshimiwa Nguna said.


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