Governor Ngilu responds to her call by Kitui town-based artisans.


On Thursday morning 18/04/2018 Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu visited the artisans to monitor their progress and hear their daily setbacks so that the county governance can work on that.

Jua kali artisans plays a crucial role in our economy.Most of the products are relied upon on daily basis.They produce their products using the locally available resources.

Among their most commonly produced products are iron boxes,sufurias,wheel barrows among other products.

Kitui artisans
Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu speaks to Kitui town artisans when she visited their sheds on Wednesday April, 18.

She spoke one on one with the jua kali artisans based at Kitui town centre. The Governor’s visit to the jua kali artisans familiarized her administration with the daily challenges that these artisans face in their daily undertakings.

Among the challenges adressed to the Governor by the artisans were the poor lighting system at the work area.This hinders the jua kali artisans from doing their work upto late hours.Daily,the artisans are forced to leave their jobs early before it gets dark.

Ngilu promised to improve their working environments by construction of modern work sheds to enable the artisans have somewhere to work comfortably at during the times of rain seasons.During the rainy seasons, they are forced to keep off from the work area due to lack of enough stalls.

Also, Ngilu added that the stalls would be equipped with the modern machinery.These electric equipment shall assist in reduction of manual works.

This will ensure the workers work better no matter the weather conditions.The county administrator also promised the artisans that her government shall construct modern rest rooms which shall be equipped with clean bathrooms.This will enable them to refresh after their daily activities and engagements.

Upon the full implementation of her promises,the artisans will have something to boast of despite the fact that their work environment would be bettered.Over the years,Kitui town based artisans have been working under the scorching hot sun due to the inadequate stalls to accomodate them all.

This has been one of the primary challenges they have been undergoing at their work environment.

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