Rachael Nyamai urges Akamba Community to join Jubilee Government to hasten development.

Mheshimiwa Kaki akiwasiliana na watu wa Mutomo.

Kitui South Member of National Assembly Rachael Kaki has called upon the Kamba leaders to unite for the betterment of Ukambani region.Kaki said that Akamba leaders’ union is the only way that shall bring about recognition of its leaders in the national politics.Also,Kaki added that unison is the best way to propel the region forward in terms of development.

Speaking to the public during the closing ceremony of G.N.C.A Annual General Seminar held at Mutomo led by Good News Church of Africa (G.N.C.A) Bishop ,Kaki congratulated the church leaders for their roles in strengthening community relations and ensuring peaceful coexistence among the people .

The congregation had had a 3 day seminar at Mutomo which drew up together believers across the whole nation where various christian faith and family issues were discussed.

Also present were Wiper leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka,incumbent Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu,Kitui Women Rep. Dr. Irene Kasalu and Senator Enoch Wambua among others.

“Let’s unite as Akamba community to ensure the national government works for us.The only thing that will help us as Kambas is working with the government of the day,” Hon. Kaki said.

To the other leaders,she urged them to join the government so as to draw the resources to the people.

The MP thanked GNCA Bishops Nzuki and Mulela for shaping her morals while she was a young Sunday school child.The named Bishops greatly influenced her perceptions towards the need for church going.Kaki added that if it were not for their efforts she would not be where she is at now.

Concerning her relationship with Governor Ngilu,Kaki reinstated that Ms. Ngilu shall remain her close ally.She insisted that Ngilu is her political mentor who indulged her into the world of politics.To the Governor, Hon. urged her to fully implement her manifesto. Kaki publicly expressed her happiness by following Ngilu’s steps.

Kaki reinstated that she will remain in the Jubilee Government to draw resources near her people.She promised to work closely with all the elected Kamba leaders so as to liberate Ukambani economically.

Nyamai said that the only best way is to join Kenyatta’s government if Kamba community wants faster social and economic development to stamp out perenial water shortage,hunger that has claimed many lives,poor roads,poor health care services and better education.

For infrastructure,Nyamai gave an example of Kibwezi(Makueni)-Mutomo(Kitui) road that is under construction whereby a lengthy section has been tarmarked.She said that were it not for the Ukambani leaders devoted support to the Jubilee goverment,no single kilometre would have been tarmaked.

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