Kalonzo musyoka talks about proof’s and death’s witnessed in mwea Scheme

Former VP Kalonzo Musyoka

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka was posted on the side by Kitui County leaders at a fundraiser in assistance of Good News Church of Africa Women League in Mutomo, Kitui South Constituency on Friday,20,April 2018.

Nasa supporter Kalonzo Musyoka has said he telephoned President uhuru Kenyatta about the cruelty proof’s and deaths being witnessed in Mwea scheme.

Kalonzo said the phone call lowered the imperfect and deadly evictions being witnessed in the Mwea Scheme.

He added that Kenyans have a right to live and work anywhere in the country and that the discriminatory manner in which Kenyans are being evicted and even killed in Mwea cannot be put up with.

“I telephoned President Uhuru Kenyatta over the matter of Mwea Scheme, we cannot allow our people to be maimed and killed. Kenyans who are being evicted from the scheme are the indigenous owners, where do you want them to go?” Kalonzo altered.

Wiper leader made the remarks on Friday as he took over a fundraiser in aid of Good News Church of Africa (GNCA) in Mutomo, Kitui County.

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Kalonzo pressed on the land matters saying that the two National reserves in Kitui County; Kitui National Reserve and Mwingi National Reserve will not be subdivided.

He posed that the two reserves are resources under the Kitui County Government, which must be utilised to benefit the people but not individuals.

Charity Ngilu (kitui governor), said she will not allow any subdivision of the two reserves under her glance.

She said Kitui resources including coal and sand must benefit the locals and not non residents.

Thank you for supporting me on my crusade to protect our resources which I believe must benefit you first and not other people,” Said kitui governor.

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