Mwingi west MP’s take on Raila’s handshakes

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga when he met retired president Mwai Kibaki in Muthaiga on April, 20, 2018

Mwingi west MP Charles Nguna has lauded opposition leader Raila Odinga over his efforts of spurring unity and promoting his peace agenda across the nation by shaking hands with his former rivals.

Speaking at Nguutani market during an interview, the legislator said that it’s time politicians in the country focused their energy on developing the nation instead of downplaying the efforts by the opposition chief by attaching it to their 2022 political ambitions.

The remarks by the MP comes just a day after the opposition chief met with former president Mwai Kibaki, though the details of what the meeting was all about are yet to be revealed to the public.
The Friday’s meeting came few days after Mr Odinga visited former president Daniel Arap Moi at his Kabaraka home, in an abid to promote peace and unify the country after a prolonged political period which ailed the economy of the country.

Its owing to such efforts by the opposition leader that Mwingi West legislator Charles Nguna called for all political leaders in the nation to put aside all their 2022 political ambitions and help in delivering development to Kenyans across the country and help them in dealing with the tough economic times currently facing them.

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