Odinga will support Kalonzo’s 2022 presidential bid, Governor Ngilu affirms.


Governor Ngilu has defended Odinga’s relationship with Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka following allegations that Odinga will not back Kalonzo’s dream for presidency in the fort coming 2022 general elections even after Musyoka having sacrificed his presidential ambitions twice for Odinga.

Following a series of crises at their NASA Coalition, many of Musyoka’s followers perceived these internal wrangles as signs of NASA break up.The coalition affiliate parties have constantly been at wrangles to one another latest being between Odinga’s ODM and Bungoma Senator’s FORD-Kenya party following his oust as the Senate Minority Leader early February.

Kitui County National Youth Council chair, Aggrey Nzomo remarked that Hon. Odinga would not support Kalonzo in seeking presidency citing that Odinga has not been picking Kalonzo’s phone calls despite their long history of political friendship.

In her sesponse, Ms. Ngilu reinstated that their unity with Odinga holds and under no circumstances it shall come to an end. She added that she keeps on talking with the former PM Rt. Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga over the phone so as to discuss their political matters.

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Aggrey you are wrong.I talked to Raila today as we were flying to Mutomo for GNCA Women’s fund raising .We must continue talking and counselling Raila Amollo Odinga to back Stephen Musyoka in the coming 2022 general elections,” Kitui Governor H.E Charity Ngilu wrote.

Earlier, the NYC Chair had alluded that ODM leader had abandoned Kalonzo after supporting him twice as the presidential flagbearer of NASA in the past August 8th 2017 elections and back in March 4th 2013 in the then CORD Alliance.

In the morning I was telling Yoana,a Senior MCA and others that Raila is not picking Kalonzo calls,Uhuru is not picking Kalonzo calls,Moi is not picking Kalonzo calls,Ruto is not picking Kalonzo calls and Kibaki lost Kalonzo phone numbers.
They refused all of them.Those who listened to his (referring to Kalonzo Musyoka) he confessed that his calls are not picked by anybody,” Kitui County NYC Chair,Aggrey Nzomo wrote.

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It was from these Musyoka’s own words that the NYC Chair drew the conclusions that the former PM was not ready to back Kalonzo in his future political ambitions of seeking the Kenya’s top seat.

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