Ukambani legislator calls for regional unity among the elected leaders.

Kitui south MP Hon Rachael Kaki shares light moments with Kitui Governor and Hon Irene Kasalu

Jubilee legislator from Ukambani called for the unity of elected leaders from the region despite their political party differences and diverse conflicting self ambitions in an attempt to foster a faster realisation of social and economic development.For years since the take off from the colonial masters, Ukambani has been lagging behind economically as a result of the then divisive politics that dominated the region then. This has been one among the root causes of prolonged period of water shortage in the dry region up to date.

Kitui South parliamentarian Hon. Rachael Kaki Nyamai said that the only way out is to unite the elected leaders if Ukambani is to be recognized in the national political arena. Nyamai supported her remarks by citing an example of the tarmacking of Kibwezi-Mutomo road which is now almost half-complete.She said that the tarmacking of this road was highly influenced by the presence of many Ukambani leaders in the government.


Kaki was speaking at Mutomo in her Kitui South constituency on Friday 20th April,2018 during the G.N.C.A church women’s fund raising ceremony which was attended by several leaders including the Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka, Governor Ngilu,Kitui Senator and Women Rep. Enoch Wambua and Dr. Irene kasalu respectively.Also present were Kitui Assembly Majority Leader Hon. Peter Kilonzo and Mutomo Ward MCA Hon. Masaku among others.

Let’s unite as Akamba community to ensure the national government works for us.The only thing that will help us as Kambas is working with the government of the day,” Hon. Kaki said.

Kaki added that if all the leaders would put aside their political party alignments and work for the betterment of their people would hasten economic development. The legislator affirmed that its only the unity that shall make the area get recognized politically. Also, Kaki decried the chronic water shortage that has hit the region since independence, poor roads and poor health services to the community.

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Her words were echoed by the other distinguished leaders at the event who got chance to adress the congregation. They highly heaped praises to the area MP Hon Kaki for her devotion to serving the people and urged the other leaders to emulate her steps.

She called upon the Ukambani kingpin Hon. Stephen Kalonzo ,Governor Ngilu and other top regional leaders to revisit their decisions and join the government so as to hasten the full realisation of social and economic development in the dry scorched Ukambani. For many years,the locals have been facing numerous challenges such as the perennial water challenges among other setbacks.

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