County leaders skip cooperative union function, Kitui.


Former Kitui Deputy Governor Hon. Peninah Malonza decried the low turn up of the Kitui County elected leaders to the Kitui County Union Saving and Credit Cooperative Society Limited event held at Central primary school,Township Ward in Kitui town on Saturday 21/04/2018 to discuss the way forward for the local residents economically. However, many locals from the area had turned up in large numbers for the function.

The event was attended by the incumbent Kitui County Senator Hon. Enoch Wambua among other leaders of the county. Many of the expected leaders from the county failed to show up in the event as was planned key among them Kitui County women Rep, Dr Irene Kasalu and Kitui Governor, H.E Charity Ngilu. The key cause of leaders absence in the function was attributed to the engagements of the leaders in their political life a reason that the DG rubbished.

The former DG confirmed that all the 9 female elected Deputy Governors all over Kenya who served in the office as the Deputy Governrnors between 2013-2017 got much assistance from the wife of the former senior Cabinet Minister during the reign of president Moi, Hon. Nicholas Biwott.

Peninah thanked Mrs. Biwott for showing them the way forward on how to form and run their own SACCO’S which have so far enabled many venture into various business activities.She added that this was an important step towards empowering the women in our society.

Concerning the Cooperative leadership, Hon. Malonza urged the gathering to elect a well informed people to the Secretariat so as to ensure smooth flow of the daily cooperative activities. Also,the Secretariat would be involved in maters concerning internal coordination among the society members.All the office duties shall be run by these elected officers and shall head the entire society towards the full realisation of the set agenda.

Proposals writing on behalf of the cooperative society shall be mandated to the Secretariat so as to attract grants from the donors for the benefit of organization.It’s from these written proposals that the organization would be in a position to be granted the funding by any donor after going through the planned agendas.

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