KITUI : Situation at river Tiva worsens curtailing transport.

Condition of Tiva bridge, Kavisuni after Tuesday's downpour

On Tuesday 24/04/2018 the movement of people across river Tiva bridge at Kavisuni in Kitui Rural constituency was blocked following the high levels of water at the river.

Travellers who use that road on daily basis are therefore advised to avoid the night travels since the water levels in the river may rise up unexpectedly an action that can lead to the drowning of the vehicle or the travellers.

This comes as a result of heavy rainfalls that for the past few months have been received in many parts of the country.Through these rains many bridges,homes and even animals and farmers’s crops at the fields have been swept away at different parts of the country. This road blockade has greatly affected the traders who frequently use that important road to connect up to the other market areas.

Also this led to transport breakdown hence paralysing the transport systems between the major towns served by that road.

This has never happened before.Those residing near the river banks or the streams to be much vigilant and those within riparian should move out for the time being.The county government of Kitui should be ready to adress any issue or crisis that may arise during this heavy rain season promptly,” Kitui Women Rep. aspirant Jane Kibati said.

This situation of road blockade at that section of road has never happened again in the past and its occurence has left many amazed.The cut off of the road comes just a few days after the heavy rainfall has been received in many parts of the county.This is one of the devastating effects that have come along with this heavy pounding at many parts of Kenya.

In addition to that,Kibati has urged the county governance led by Governor Ngilu to take the immediate measures so as to facilitate foster to normal daily operations.Its only through the government intervention that the situation shall get restored back to normal.

Residents struggling to use the Tiva bridge, Kavisuni after Tuesday’s downpour

Due to the impassability of the road, many traders have incurred huge losses especially the matatu operators who ply along the road and the business men.Many people were left stranded after the road section became impassable curtailing the movements of people.

All over kenya,the ongoing rainfalls have left many roads impassable, many bridges have been swept away and many people have been drowned up by the flooded rivers.Most of the rivers have their banks burst due to the high levels of water which poses a great danger to the travellers.

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