MP Nguna accuses TSC of being biased

Hon Charles Nguna, Mwingi West Legislator

Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna has accused the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) of a lot of partiality in the process of delocalization of teachers and in promoting teachers especially from the Ukambani region.

Speaking during burial ceremony of a re-known teacher at Musuani in Migwani sub-county,  Mr Nguna said that TSC has been promoting ethnic imbalance in the delocalization process as teachers from certain regions have been transferred more than others.

In matters of promotions, Mr Nguna accused the TSC of sidelining teachers from specific ethnic backgrounds, claiming that teachers especially from Ukambani region hardly get promoted no matter their qualifications or merit.

The legislator has said that he would raise a motion in parliament in order to question the delocalization and demand information on the number of teachers who have so far been delocalized, and especially seek clarification on the regions which have been largely affected.

He has called upon TSC CEO Nancy Macharia to take charge and ensure that delocalization of teachers happens in a fair manner and teachers across the nation are promoted on merit without favourism.


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