Kitui County minister outlines his agenda.

Phillip Mumo - Kitui CEC, trade

Minister for trade and industries has reiterated that kitui governor charity Ngilu is committed to economically empowering the women of Kitui.

Speaking in Kabati during FSA annual general meeting, Philip Mumo said that Ngilu’s adminstration was going to channel funds towards establishment of income generating projects that would benefit women in the county.

Our governor is dedicated to bettering of kitui woman welfare, that’s why in few weeks time she is going to be rolling out projects that will positively impact your lives” promised the CEC.

Mumo also hinted that his ministry was in a process of establishing a county bank which is in line with Ngilu’s five pillar manifesto.

According to the CEC the bank would prioritize empowering the underprivileged,youth and women with access to affordable and reasonable credit facilities.

He however,sounded a warning to the rogue Sacco operators operating in kitui saying that county government in collaboration with security officers was going to push them out of kitui.

“It has been brought to my attention that there are rogue sacco operators who are going round extorting unsuspecting women in the name of saving, we are going to revoke your certificates and arrest you” warned Mumo.

Also in attendance was kitui west MP Edith Nyenze who lauded Mumo for creative and innovative ideas in his ministry.

The meeting had been attended by 7000 Kabati FSA members.

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