Mwingi Youth Meeting on AYSRH: Enabling Youths Make Informed Decisions on Health and Education


Today various partners working to improve the Adolescent and Youth Sexual Reproductive Health (AYSRH) initiatives across the county held an informative youth meeting in Mwingi Central. The meeting was centered among the youths with interests in improving access to clinical information and reproductive health.

Key issues sensitized on included but not limited to:

1. Encouraging young adolescent mothers to rejoin and remain in school. And have them access healthcare services without fear of being discriminated. Most youths attending school, especially day schools, undergo a lot of challenges including discrimination and lack of school fees across Kitui County. There is also a need to sensitize young girls against engaging in premarital sex.

2. Sensitizing youths on the need to be selective on which *Social Media* platforms to join or contribute. The access to pornographic and obscene online content has been on the rise among Kitui Youths. The uprising trends like *#IfikieWazazi* are the recent warnings that we need to save as many youths as possible from the menace of negative use of social media platforms.

3. Sensitizing youths to spend more time in dispensaries and health centers. Many youths are frightened by the sight of health centers or clinical signs. Young people should not be scared of accessing clinical information. This trend must stop.

4. The youths need to embrace the supportive initiatives that are offered in various government youths departments and other agencies. This include Uwezo Fund, Youth Fund, Bursaries, the County Government among others.

The meeting was sponsored and facilitated by JHPIEGO, Afya Halisi (USAID). Various speakers in the forum included Boniface Kitheka who has several private clinics in the suburbs of Mwingi Central, MS Wausi of Afya Halisi, Mwingi MOH and Aggrey Nzomo of NYC  Kitui, County

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