Section of Kibwezi-Kitui road damaged by heavy rains fixed 

Condition of Tiva bridge, Kavisuni after Tuesday's downpour

As heavy rains continue to torment many parts of the country with floods, a section of Kibwezi-Kitui Road that had been cut off by floods on Tuesday April 24,  was fixed by the Kenya National Highways Authority.

The road had been cut off at Athi River bridge creating traffic congestion and  leaving motorists on both sides stranded.Through a statement on Wednesday April 25, the assistant director-corporate communication  said the bridge had been repaired and motorists can resume using the road.

“The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) is pleased to notify the public that mobility along the Kibwezi – Kitui Road has this evening been restored after approaches at the Tiva Bridge across Athi River, which had been washed away by raging flood waters, were repaired today,”Charles Njogu said.

Njogu added that the approaches to the bridge are rough but passable, with further improvements to be made within the next few days.

Earlier, KeNHA had warned motorists to be cautious at Siembeni centre, Kisyani centre, Muangeni centre, Kyoani shopping centre, Mosa shopping centre and Chuluni shopping centre.

“Motorists are however urged to be cautious as they approach the various drifts along the road, which are prone to flooding,” Njogu said.

The Kenya National Highways Authority further clarified that construction works along this road are  scheduled; with quick construction expected once the rains are over .

In Garissa county ,the county commissioner Joshua Chepchieng has  also advised residents living along the River Tana and flood prone areas to move to safer grounds.

This follows a notification by KenGen of eminent excessive spillage from Kiambere Dam on Wednesday , April,25.

According to the energy company, the heavy rains have resulted in a rapid rise of dam levels that has seen Kamburu, Gitaru, Kindaruma and Kiambere dams rise to their spillage levels.

“Consequently, spilling of excess water is now taking place and we are kindly requesting that communities living near the banks of Tana River down stream of Kiambere be alarted of the impending increase in the river flow,” the statement in part read.

Addressing elders at Garissa Ndogo during the launch of the cash money transfer exercise for the elderly, Chepchieng asked the residents to heed to the advice and move to safer grounds.

“We want to take this earliest opportunity to tell our people to move to safer grounds. We would not wish to have causalities as a result of this,” Chepchien said.

The county commissioner said the government has already taken the initiative to have all those living along the river banks moved.

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