Families seek help to trace bodies of loved ones swallowed by floods

Effects of rain in Kitui County

Families of four people who are believed to have been swept away by floods while crossing river Enziu in Nuu, Mwingi East Sub County, are currently pleading for help to assist them trace their loved ones whom they believe are still stuck in the river for two weeks now.

The four, a driver and three commuters are said to have been travelling from Nairobi overnight to attend a burial ceremony at Nuu the following day, but they went missing along the way.

Upon reaching Enziu River, the driver is said to have send a text message to his family members claiming that their Probox got stuck in the flooding Enziu River and that they were in grave danger. According to family members, since then they have never heard from him or the other three commuters who were on board.

David Matavo, an uncle to the driver of the vehicle said that they have all reasons to belief that their loved ones are still buried in the river, this is after the divers who have been rescuing people at the river said that they have identified something believed to be a vehicle inside the river.

Matavo said that for two weeks they have searched all over for their loved ones in vain, hence the government should intervene and assist them recover bodies of their family members from the river.

Peter Kilonzi said that his aunt is among those who are believed to have drowned in the river and she was heading home for burial ceremony when she mysteriously went missing along the way.

John Musyoki confirmed that they have identified an object they believe to be the probox which went missing, but it’s in a very deep ditch in the river which only experts can handle.

Musyoka has called upon the government to send more experienced divers with modern equipment which can enable retrieving of the vehicle from the river and help recover bodies of the four.

On Wednesday, a mother aged 27 years alongside her two children aged 10 and 8 respectively were also swept by a flooding Kyambua River at Mwambiu, while they attempted to cross.

The ongoing heavy rains in Kitui have caused massive destruction ranging from death and destruction of property. Most roads are impassable and now residents are calling upon the county government to do immediate intervention and help in maintaining the roads.

Since the beginning of this rainy season, more than 20 people from Mwingi have so far lost their lives through drowning in various rivers, as the county continues receiving unprecedented heavy rains.

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