Mwingi KMTC students barred from getting in class

Mwingi KMTC students barred accessing the school for wearing hijab

Female students at Kenya Medical Training College(KMTC),Mwingi campus,have been barred from entering the school compound for alledgedly not being in school uniforms.

According to some female Muslim students,there has been a standoff between Muslim students and their one month old deputy principal asking the girls to remove their headcarfs terming them as not part of school uniform. Failure to down their hijabs has been voted to also see them not sit their exams as well.
All Muslim female Medical students across all KMTC across the county use veils to cover their hair, a thing that has alleged bot sat well with the new Deputy head
It is an Islamic requirement to cover hair and this being a conservative society, it is seen as a violation of the girls rights.
Since the start of this week, they have attended no class today being the fifth day and they have been locked out of the school premises.
According to Abdulahi Hassan, one of the class representatives of the Nursing class,  they have reported this to the DCC among other leaders but there hasn’t been any notable action taken.
“We would like KMTC Headquarters to clarify to us why we are being prevented from attending classes and also the size of the hijab we should be dressed in since madam deputy says the veils are too long”Abdulahi added.
The students also told the press that they are thoroughly searched at the gate while other students who are not Muslims freely enter the school compound.
Male students have also been told to shave their beard or stop attending classes.
Efforts to reach the school’s principal were fruitless as journalist were outrightly denied access to the school compound.

When Mary Muthoni,  the principal was contacted she immediately disconnected the phone after knowing it was a journalist calling.

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