Kitui county vows to support sports


The county government of Kitui has affirmed continued support for
sports programmes to engage the youth in constructive activities
besides nurturing talent.

County Executive for Tourism and Sports, Patrick Musau today said the
county administration has embarked on ambitious plans to enhance the
county’s sports infrastructure to international standards.

He spoke during launch of the annual Kitui Catholic Diocese ball games
at Katheka primary school in Kitui West.

Koki donated 300 pairs of sports uniform, five soccer balls and trophies
to the 32 clubs participating in the tournament.

  • “We know most of our youths are talented in different games and that
    is why we are keen to support their talents through construction of
    playgrounds and stadia

    across the county,” said Mr. Musau.

“We have also been donating uniform, balls and trophies to youth clubs
across Kitui on top of organizing and funding tournaments with a view
of scouting talent among our young people,” he added.

Moreover, the county minister said the initiative would help the youth
to refrain from drug abuse, among other destructive activities.

“We want the youth to embrace sports even as a source of livelihood
especially in this time when the country is grappling with alarming
unemployment rates,” he pointed out.


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