3 police officers alleged to be in volved in Sh390,000 robbery in Machakos


Jervason Musinga Kiendi claims that three men in a saloon car seized him moments after he had withdrawn cash from one of the banks based in Machakos town on Friday 29th April 2018.

Kiendi, aged 33, said the three robbed him of Sh390,000 and dumped him at a thick bush in Konza plains. But when he went to Machakos Police Station to report the incident, Kiendi claimed to have found two of his ‘attackers’ at the reporting desk who refused to record his statement.

Upon his return to the police station the next day , Kiendi was surprised to find the third culprit whom he claimed to be part of the gang that robbed him manning the police station reporting desk. The policeman allegedly kept him waiting in the reports office.

Machakos County police boss Samuel Mukinda said the investigations department had started investigations into the Kiendi’s claims and that soon the report shall be out concerning the truth of the matter.

“We intend to visit the bank to confirm if he withdrew the money and conduct a thorough probe before we establish a way forward,” said Mr Mukinda.

Mukinda added that the victim’s allegations were serious and would be  carefully  by Machakos police unit.

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