Don’t trust Raila, Kalonzo told

Cord co-principals Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka exchange a word.

Ukambani kingpin Kalonzo Musyoka gets more political advice on how to perfect his 2022 presidential dreams latest being from Mwingi Town Business Chair ,Campbell Munyambu who said that Kalonzo must take a wise decision ahead of the forthcoming 2022 general elections.

“The Kamba community kingpin and Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka should position himself as the opposition leader,”Munyambu, Mwingi professionals and business community coordinator said.

He on Friday 27/04/2018 said there is a void following NASA chief Raila Odinga’s decision to unite with President Uhuru Kenyatta without the inclusion of the other NASA Alliance affiliated parties.

Munyambu added that Kalonzo should not to bank on Raila’s endorsement or support to become President of the republic of Kenya in the coming 2022 general elections.

“He should go out and make networks with other politicians ahead of 2022 elections and popularize his One Kenya Movement.” Munyambu said.

He also said that it is clear that their Alliance Chief Raila is out to “politically emasculate” the other NASA top guns leading to their withdrawal from the NASA an attempt that might lead to the total dissolution of their formidable Alliance.

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Mwingi Town Business Community Chair accused Odinga of pursuing a selfish agenda which includes ruining the political ambitions of the other NASA leaders. He stressed that it is time Kalonzo and the other two regrouped  deal with their alliance leader Rt. Hon. Odinga the former PM.

Munyambu also opposed the proposed amendment to the constitution to create the position of Prime Minister. He described the proposal which has received the backing of Kalonzo’s Party as a selfish move meant to create positions for “political rejects”.

  1. “A referendum meant to create political positions for certain individuals is ill-motivated and will be rejected by Kenyans. We should be talking of increasing the number of counties for more devolved funds to reach the grassroots.” Munyambu said.
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