28 year old man in court for defiling a minor in Kitui


On the morning of Monday April 30, a mid -aged man was arraigned before Kitui Law court chambers over the charges of defiling a 17 year old school girl at their rural Katutu village,Kitui West constituency, Kitui County.

The accused is said to have defiled the named on different dates in the month of March 2018 at their local village without the notice of anyone.

The 28-year old Munyoki Nzioka however,denied the charges levelled against him before the Lady Justice Felister Nekesa .It is said that the accused man defiled the young school girl severally during the month of March this year an accusation that he denied before the court.Standing before the court chambers, Nzioka said that he never defiled the named and that the charge levelled against him is made to paint a negative image to him and tarnish his good name to the public.

The Lady Justice Nekesa who presided over the case ordered the accused Nzioka to pay a bond of KSh. 200,000 or a surety of the same amount to be freed from the custody where he has been under the police forces as the investigations over his case are underway.She ordered the accused to be released immediately from the police custody the payment of the bond or a surety of the same amount to the court chambers.

The Magistrate scheduled Nzioka’s case to be heard on 14th June,2018 where the accused is expected to be present before the court chambers in person so as to defend himself over the defilement charges against him.

During this hearing the accused shall be expected to either accept the charges or either deny the defilement charges he is being accused of.Nzioka is said to have been defiling that young girl for long without the notice of the girl’s parents until the last days when his immoral behaviour became known to the local villagers who necessitated the  taking of the law against him.

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