Health job vacancy at Lukenya University.


The Lukenya University (LU) invites applications for the position of a Lady Clinical Officer to be discharging health services  to the students and  staff at the university Health Unit.

Willing applicants are hereby advised by the university to apply for the above mentioned health post before the set duration of application elapses.

At the moment there is a shortage of one Clinical Officer at the institution hence the need for top up to ease the discharge of health services to the learners and the staff working at the university.After the fill up of the vacant position, the overall health services are expected to improve at the campus.The current health officers have been overworking due to the shortage of enough health personel and this has for quite long been delaying the disharge of health services.

The applicants MUST have proper training in Clinical Medicine from a recognized institution so as to qualify for the above mentioned post.

Applicants should also meet the following requirements for consideration:

-Have at least 2 years working experience in the field as the clinical officer.

-MUST be registered by the COC.

-Have excellent verbal and written communication skills so as to ease the communication patterns with the other staff and the visiting patients.

-Should be Computer literate so as to fit in the modern digitalisation of health data record keeping.

The applicants should submit the copies of their application letters with attached supportive academic documents to Lukenya University website
for further scrutinisation by the university.

Upon approval for the health job,the successful applicant shall discharge her duties as the clinical officer at the LU Health Unit located within the campus compound. Also, she would be subject to the terms and conditions for working within the institution and shall be required to comply with the set working regulations.

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