Governor Ngilu seals coal mining deal with Mutito locals.

Governor Ngilu addressing traders at Kanyonyoo market, Kitui Rural

Mutito Sub-County residents in Kitui County sealed a 5-point pact with Governor Ngilu over mining activities in Mui Coal Basin on Wednesday 02/05/2018 during Ngilu’s visit to the area mainly to discuss the way forward concerning the coal mining expected to kick off soon.This covenant was reached during the public initiative held at Mutito town for citizens to shape their own destiny.

During the consultative meeting,several agreements were reached between the local residents and the Kitui county governance headed by Governor Charity Ngilu.

Acquisition of land title deeds by the residents before the commencement of mining activities in the coal rich Mui Basin by the company that has been tasked to do the mining operations.

It was also agreed that only the land where mining activities shall be carried out on shall belong to Mutito locals and that the miners shall only extract the minerals.Upon the exhaustion of the minerals in the coal-rich Mui Basin,the miners shall be expected to evacuate from the land for re-occupation by the local residents.

Also,it was agreed that the affected locals shall be resettled to Mutito town in the apartments and flats during the mining and upon the completion of the mining,the residents shall be resettled to their original lands by the government.This was after agreement that the coal-mining company shall only extract the minerals and upon exhaustion of coal it would be expected to vacate the area.

Concerning the division of the generated revenue among the key stakeholders, it was agreed that the National would get 70% of total revenue, County Government of Kitui 20% and Mutito Locals would get a 10% of the raised amount.

Lastly,it was also agreed that the local community leaders would be appointed by the community to attend the mining consultation meeting planned to be held at KEFRI on Friday for further details.

The Governor’s rally with Mutito locals ended with a resolution in unison that poverty will be history in Kitui under the leadership of Ms. Ngilu.

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