Kitui Business Community boosts Kitui 7’S with KSh 3M.

Kitui business community

Boost to Kitui 7’s rugby function after Kitui Business Community raises 3M in support to the event.

Following the postponement of Kitui Rugby Sevens to a future date early June,2018 just a few months ago due to some inevitable circumstances such as unpreparedness, the area Business Community based at Kitui town has taken a step towards ensuring better rugby event is held at the planned date.

Gathered at one of the hotels in the town, Kitui Business Community managed to raise a total of KSh. 3 Million for the event.

The event which was eagerly awaited by Kitui and non Kitui County rugby fans got rescheduled to a future date just a few days before the kick off since the preparations had not yet completed for the function to be held.This was according to the department that had been mandated the task of doing all the necessary preparations for the function site.

The amount donated by the businessmen shall be used in perfecting the loopholes that majorly neccesiated the postponement of the earlier planned event.

By their action which they have taken,the business community has greatly shown its concern for the in their locality.Holding of the event at Kitui town would attract more visitors hence the big boost to the various business activities undertaken by this group of traders such as the hotels and lodgings among lucrative businesses.

Kitui County CEC Sports and Tourism Hon. Koki Musau Kuvasila announced the need for postponement of the event so as to give room for the full preparations of Ithookwe Grounds where the event was expected to be held.Addressing the public, the CEC confirmed that the preparations are underway for better function than would have been if held then .

Also, the CEC urged the rugby fans to be patient until the future date and assured them an excellent function.

K7’s is fixed to be held for two days consecutive on 1st and 2nd June,2018 at the named stadium in Kitui town where a sizeable crowd of rugby fans from within and outside the county shall be expected to be attending the event.

During the event,the incumbent Kitui Governor H.E Charity Kaluki Ngilu shall be the chief guest gracing the event accompanied by other Senior county officers from Kitui County Administration.

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