Press Statement by the Kitui County Assembly on the delay in adressing County Bills.

Kitui County Assembly's Chambers

Following the media reports announced in a section of electronic media on Tuesday 1st May 2018 alleging delay in legislation of County Bills and other statutory county documents, Kitui Assembly has drawn its attention to the allegations and responded appropriately.

The Kitui County Emergency Fund Bill.
This Bill was submitted to Kitui Assembly as a legislative proposal from the County Executive on 14th December, 2017 and required a pre-publication scrutiny before publishing pursuant to standing order number 110 and 116 of the County Assembly Standing Orders.

It is unfortunate that the processing of this Bill has been affected by the County Assembly December 2017 and April 2018 recess.Nevertheless, the legislative process of the Bill is still on course in respect to the provisions of the relevant laws.

The details pertaining the Emergency Fund Bill are as follows :

Submission of the Bill to Kitui Assembly 14th December, 2017.
Committal for pre-publication scrutiny of the Bill 14th February, 2018.
Maturity period of the Bill-14 days from the date of publication (29 th March, 2018)

First reading of the Bill at the Assembly floor 24th April 2018.

The Bill is scheduled for public participation on May 10th ,2018 pursuant to the provisions of Article 196 of the Constitution and the Standing Order no. 120.

The Kitui County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP)
Kitui Assembly is yet to receive the five-year plan (2018-2022) for approval as provided in Section 108 of the County Government Act,2012.We are only in the receipt of draft of the same dated 23rd April, 2018.

The Kitui County Fiscal Strategy Paper 2018-2019.
Was submitted to the Assembly on 24th April 2018 .The document has been laid on the Table of Assembly and committed to sectoral committees for consideration.

The Annual Development (ADP)
Was submitted to Assembly on 23/04/2018 .The document has been laid to the Assembly table and committed to sectoral committees for consideration.

Kitui County Assembly wishes to invite the public for a public participation exercise on Kitui County Emergency Fund Bill 2018 which is set to be conducted on 10th May, 2018.The same information will be appearing in the local diaries.

Therefore,we take great exemption from the media reports tagging Assembly with delays and neglect of their legislative role.The reports were false with malicious intention to taint and tarnish good image of Assembly and the extension to misinform Kitui residents.We wish to assure Kitui County citizenry of our continued dedication ,commitment and integrity in executing our mandate, “kitui Assembly Communications Department.

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