Hired divers fail to retrieve five bodies from River Enziu

Effects of rain in Kitui County

Hope of recovering five people who went missing after drowning at River Enziu in Mwingi East Sub County, Kitui County continued to diminish on Tuesday, when private professional divers who had been hired by Mwingi Central MP Dr Gideon Mulyungi failed to recover the bodies, concluding that the bodies might have been buried deep into the sand by heavy rains.

Search for the  bodies of four people who were boarding a Probox believed to have been swept by Enziu River on their way to attend a burial ceremony at Nuu has been on-going for the last two weeks, while another body of a form four student at Machakos boys High School who drowned down stream at a place known as Ivuusya is still missing.

Mwingi Central MP had hired private divers to aid in recovering all the five bodies on Tuesday after hope to get government intervention took longer than expected, efforts which did not bear any fruit even after day long search.

Speaking after searching expedition, Dr Mulyungi castigated both the national and county government of Kitui for not taking the weighty matter seriously which has left many families in grief.

“I wonder why for the last two weeks no one from the government side has come to the aid of these families, this is total lack of commitment on the side of the government,” said an agitated Dr Mulyungi.

The legislator said that he tried numerous times to get help from the government in vain. He has called upon the government to make swift intervention and bring in necessary machinery which would enable retrieving of the five bodies from the river.

Kelvin Safari, a boy from Imba location in Mwingi East sub county, Kitui County who was swimming alongside the form four student who drowned said that they were swimming in the river when his friend was overpowered by water and drowned.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu on Wednesday  visited the two areas where the five people are said to have drowned and assured that the county government of Kitui would do all its best to ensure their bodies are recovered.

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