Helb defaulters given 100% waiver on penalties until June 30

Students being served at the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).

The Education Cabinet Secretary  Amina Mohamed on Thursday 3,  announced a 100 per cent penalty waiver to those who had received HELB Loan’s in the past but still had their loans in bulk.

Speaking during the HELB employers’ forum held in Nairobi on Thursday,the CS gave the beneficiaries from May 3 to June  30, 2018.

For one to  benefit from this, he or she must pay a lump sum of the HELB balance.  Chief  Execultive Officer  Charles Ringera said 78,000 loanees owe the institution to a tune of Sh8.1 billion.

“With 100 per cent penalty waiver until June, we call upon all the beneficiaries to take advantage of the generous offer by the government,” Amina said.

Amina  further said  all university students should be issued with smart cards from HELB to access loans. This will remove physical contact of university deans and students ledger which causes delays.

“It will help the students to pay fees from the tuition e-wallet which is locked by a special system for that purpose only,” Amina  said.

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The public secretary  will review the process and issue a report in September 2018.

“One of the key priorities is to ensure that all university courses take a required period of time to complete,”  Amina Mohamed said.

The CS noted  that Maasai Mara University, KEMU and Pwani universities already have the smart cards and said  other universities should also be issued with the same .

“….with your support I know that will happen so that we end this era of a perpetual habit of staying in the university for long not because of funding but because of many other reasons,”Amina added.

The cabinet secretary  said she had received  complains  from students on the delays of tuition remittances to institutions.

In January, students from University of Nairobi violently protested  due to delays of their higher education loans.

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