Government to audit all investors with mining licences, CS Munyes


Cabinet secretary in the ministry of Petroleum and Mining John Munyes has said that the national government will do a thorough audit on investors who have been awarded mining licenses and do mapping of all minerals which are available across the country, in a bid to make mining one of the main pillars of Kenya’s economy.

Speaking during a meeting which had been organized by Kitui governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu with mineral investors at Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) at Kitui town, the cabinet secretary said that his ministry would maximally support the efforts by governor Ngilu to have the great wealth in Kitui county excavated to the benefit of residents.

Mr Munyes said that Kitui county is blessed with great wealth of minerals which if well utilized can have great impact to the country’s economy.

Charity Ngilu on her side urged residents not to sell their land to any investor, but instead lease it to them so that once the mining process is over they may regain it.

Ngilu said that its absurd that the people of Kitui have continued to languish in poverty, despite the huge mineral deposits that the county is endowed with.

She urged the national government to swiftly move with speed to ansure that mining takes place in Kitui as soon as possible.

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