Are party animals still wife materials?


What happened to times when ladies would stay home even on members’ days, look after cattle, prepare finger licking meals for their families, even when they are the fifth wives,bare 12 children for their husbands or even keep themselves busy in the Shamba?

We are living in a world where the clubs/pubs have become our comfort zones. Any form of stress is relieved by several bottles of beer, whiskey, brandy  wine or even spirits.

In most beer joints, majority of customers are our dear ladies. Age limit doesn’t matter, from the young beautiful women to those caught up by age. Everyone wants to grab one for the road. Commonly referred to as ‘kufunguka’.

The type of ladies we have in this generation are those who after getting their salary disappear for days. Shifting from one joint to another. By 9th of the month, they are broke. This is after buying rounds for friends. “waiter pea Kila mtu .Pesa iko’

Instead of waking up to make heavy breakfast for the family, she is nursing hangovers. If she cannot find the nearby butchery open to buy hot soup, she will be forced to ‘toa lock’ in order to curb the severe headache.

“Waiter, leta tulivyo”, a young lady orders. This is onTuesday at 7Pm. She is ‘charging herself’ in order to face the husband who came home late the previous night.

Beer is being consumed  regardless of the mood. When celebrating a friend’s birthday which are commonly known as bash, those invited first ask the brands which have been ordered. After a burial, people have to calm their nerves by grabbing some bottles.

Some babies have been left to the househelps.Mumies are busy partying harder. The best they do is texting the DM to enquire whether the baby is fine.

Most ladies nowadays have red eyes and a pot belly peeping though their crop tops. This is mostly caused by  stiff drinking.

Their Toyota vits have dents allover. Can’t remember what happened last night. They are coinless. The most common question is, ‘kwani Jana kuliendaje?’

Those who take hard liquor are believed to be ‘mama yao’ or ‘wale wabaya’ .While those taking feminine drinks such as guarana are believed to be taking water forgetting that they are damaging their liver.

For those looking for babes to settle down with, are party animals still wife materials?


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