Jubilee Legislator rubbishes ongoing calls for Constitutional Reforms.

Kitui south MP, Hon Racheal Kaki during a press briefing on Easter celebrations

Kitui South MP Hon. Rachael Kaki Nyamai has rubbished the ongoing constitutional amendment proposals by some political leaders arguing it’s time for manifesto implementation by the incumbent Jubilee administration led by president Kenyatta and his Deputy to deliver its promises to the Kenyan people prior to the past August 8th,2017 general elections.

Hon. Nyamai argued that the Kenyan electorates are tired of their frequent involvement to electoral matters time to time an action that delays the full realization of political promises by their elected representatives.These series of voting either to ammend constitution or choose leaders she termed as one of the major setbacks that have been derailing full realization of economic development since the attention gets drawn there hence little development.

Also, much resources gets pumped by the government to such events which would have been invested in development activities.

We need to give time to the president H.E Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy H.E William Ruto to deliver their promises to the Kenyans. We as the elected Jubilee leaders have not yet been called by our top leaders to get informed concerning amending the constitution,“said Hon. Nyamai.

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However, the Jubilee legislator said she is not against the proposed amendments to restructuring the Kenyan 2010 constitution for the benefit of all people.Nyamai pointed out that the ruling Jubilee Party is mainly aiming at fulfilling its manifesto for the benefit of all Kenyans.The Jubilee Party parliamentarian cited that Kenyatta’s Jubilee Government has already proved sucesful in terms of delivery to the Kenyans.

The ongoing tarmacking of Kibwezi-Mutomo road and the implementation of Inua Jamii Program to cater for the welfare of the old are among the successes that the Kitui South locals whom she represents in the National Assembly have reaped from the incumbent government headed by H.E Uhuru Kenyatta equally to all other Kenyans nationwide.

We are still pushing the Jubilee Government to implement the other promises to our people apart from tarmacking of Makueni-Kitui road and Inua Jamii Program that has already benefited many elderly Kenyans aged 60 years and above,“added Nyamai.

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She reinstated that as the Jubilee Party elected leaders they shall wait president Kenyatta and his Deputy to call them to a meeting and inform them about the proposed constitutional amendments.

Thereafter, they shall seek the public opinion from the Kenyan people to know their views towards the leadership restructuring claiming that it’s the locals who should decide if to amend the constitution or not since the sovereign authority belongs to the Kenyan people.

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