Opinion: Size or quality, what really matters in county tenders

tender notice
A sample of a tender notice

Since the inception of devolved county governments, we’ve had a sprout of new contractors in the 47 counties.

These have created some sort of competition on who is getting what tender.

The gambling for tender seems to shift focus from quality of job to size of tender. The focus shift has affected both the county officials and contractors.

The people who feel this pinch most is the common Mwanachi since many contractors are not going for quality choosing to do the shoddy job cheaply but get paid highly.

In the other hand, the size of the tender given has become the centre of attraction more than professionalism and quality of work a company can give.

For instance, more road construction companies have all of a sudden cropped up since the county governments are tasked with construction and maintenance of feeder roads in the country.

Tis has pulled so many road construction companies that t the end of the day gives many counties poor delivery just because they are in the business for money.

When a county government puts up a tender to tarmac a road more applications will come on board than when the same government is seeking supplies.

These many construction companies at the end of the day some gives poor or shoddy output simply because they were running after the size of the project, without proper equipment and professionally qualified people to do the job.

All of a sudden the country has produced so many road engineers you wonder where they have been all these years. You wonder ‘has Kenya been having this chunk of unemployed engineers?!’

And with the high level of corruption in the country, which now I think is becoming devolved! so many briefcase companies have cropped up due to the high number of tenders across the country.

With the ability to register a company which has become so cheap and easy, companies without an office and any tools of work are cropping up day by day. You find that the company doing the work on the ground is not really the company that won the tender, costing many counties a good chunk of public money.

It is, therefore, the high time county governments pay projects according to the quality of delivery to cut these individuals who are taking advantage to just get paid, not delivering quality work.

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