Raila’s remarks during ODM’s NEC meeting

The mega handshake

The National Super Alliance, (NASA) leader Raila Odinga on Monday May 7, insisted that constitutional reforms were inevitable.

The former Prime minister maintained his stand while addressing the Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) NEC meeting at Gilgil in Nakuru.

“We will soon unveil a series of public events across the country to outline the terms of the MoU to Kenyans. Addressing some of these issues may require changes to some of our laws and even amendments to the constitution. When that time comes, we must be bold enough to pick up the challenge as a matter of duty to the nation” the Rt. Honorable said.

Raila further noted that his recent handshake with president Uhuru Kenyatta was not about 2022 adding that it was too significant an event to be reduced to a struggle for positions, promises and ambitions of individuals.

“This country has had elections before. We had Presidents, Prime Ministers and even Chief Secretaries before. There is nothing special about 2022 elections. The only thing that is special is that we have arrived at an agreement that we must do things differently going forward. We also have something special in the realization that if we don’t do the things we have set out in the MoU with President Uhuru Kenyatta, 2022 elections will amount to doing the same thing time and again and expecting different results.

Without the changes we envisage in the MoU, 2022 will be messy. It will come with the same confusion, heartbreaks and possibly chaos. We are trying to forestall such eventualities. As a forward looking and reform minded party, we must resist the efforts of political shylocks demanding their pound of the flesh out of the handshake….I am convinced that it was the right thing to do and I know President Kenyatta equally agrees it was worth the effort and the risk and we are determined to push it to its logical end.” Read part if the opposition leader’s statement.

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