County Officers accused of undermining fight against charcoal business in Kitui

Lorry offload charcoal at Mwingi police station

A number of operators in the charcoal business within Kitui county have proved resistant by continuing with the illegal business despite the ban by Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.

The ban restricting any large scale charcoal business within the county was upheld by the Kitui county assembly and the continued failure to comply has led to the war on the Illegal charcoal burning and transportation a hurdle for the county administration.

On Saturday, 12/5/2018 as the country marked World’s tree planting day, three tracks ferrying over 200 bags of charcoal each were intercepted at Mwingi town past the Tyaa River police roadblock.

The lorries were intercepted mainly through the effort of community, a clear indication that the residents fully support the ban.

According to the residents, over 500 bags of charcoal were from Nuu region of Mwingi East sub County.

Speaking after the incident, Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau accused the police and county government enforcement officers of undermining success of the ban by colluding with charcoal transporters and aiding them pass check points.

“I fail to understand how these lorries passed all the three check points (Ukasi, Kivou and Tyaa river) yet our officers are present”
Dr. Wathe complained.

Dr Nzau said that more tough measures will be put into place in order to ensure that no charcoal passes through Kitui County, warning the enforcement officers who might be colluding with charcoal brokers.

Kitui county minister for environment and natural resources, John Makau send a stern warning to the cartels carrying on with the prohibited business saying that the county government is not going to relent and it will fight charcoal burning tirelessly.

“I warn those who do not know of the benefits of  trees that the county government is on their case and we are not going to stop until the charcoal business is over” Mr. Makau emphasized.

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