Charcoal business still booming in Kitui county

Lorry offload charcoal at Mwingi police station

Charcoal business dealers  in Kitui county have proved stubborn by clinging on to the illegal trade despite Governor Ngilu’s ban on charcoal burning few months ago which is followed by hefty fines in court.

More than 1,000 people have pitched camp in areas of Sosoma where there is an expansive forest and are still falling trees and burning charcoal without the knowledge of the county enforcement officers.

It’s owing to this that Kitui deputy governor Dr Wathe Nzau accompanied by Kitui county police commandant Antony Kamitu on Wednesday  toured Sosoma village in fact finding mission where he issued a stern warning to charcoal operators in the area and called upon the police department to aid in flashing out those people who are still carrying on with wanton destruction of trees.

According to Dr Wathe only cooperation between all stakeholders from both the national and county government can put a permanent halt to the business which has been thriving in Kitui despite the strict measures which have been put in place by the county government.

The deputy governor said Wednesday’s mission was prompted by continued arrest of lorries ferrying charcoal believed to be from the county, yet they posses permits from other counties as far as Lamu and Kilifi counties.

Two lorries ferrying charcoal were intercepted to the astonishment of the Deputy governor who viewed the encounter as a great setback to the efforts being put into place by Kitui governor Charity Ngilu of putting a permanent end to illegal charcoal business in Kitui.

Kitui police commandant Antony Kamitu the fact finding  tour was a success as they were trying to unveil the source of the charcoal which has been time and again intercepted at Mwingi by police.

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