Sonko should be jailed, Ahmednasir Abdullahi Says


Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi wants Mike Sonko jailed, not impeached. The subject came up after the Nairobi Governor nominated lawyer and National Resistance Movemement’s Kenya General Miguna Miguna to the Deputy Governor’s office.

People such as political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi are of the view that Miguna should take the job and then question Sonko’s integrity over Nairobi’s many problems and then impeach Sonko.

Via Twitter on Friday, Ahmednasir said: “It is wrong to impeach Sonko. It is right to send him back to prison so that he serves the reminder of his jail term.” He responded via Twitter to a Standard article in which Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe says Sonko must be impeached for not performing.

Sonko has been facing a backlash from residents and leaders over poor service delivery since his election in August 2017. He and Ahmednasir recently went gloves off on Twitter after the lawyer said the “county is dead and should be disbanded”.

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“It is a national disaster. It will only get worse,” Ahmednasir said on May 10 and asked the President to exercise his Constitutional prerogative and disband the county. In his response, Sonko called the lawyer a conman.

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