By Onyango Ochieng

Upon his swearing-in, Governor Kivutha Kibwana sounded a stern warning declaring illicit wealth acquisition and misuse of power for selfish gains in his government abominable vices against his oath of office.

He was not going to cohabit with criminals in his administration PERIOD!

True to his words, only in Makueni County Administration are criminal cartels, political urchins, mischievous power brokers and economic gangsters successfully flushed out with thorough processes in tendering and supplies that smells crooks from a far and permanently confines them where they rightly belong.

This emphasizes why the forward-looking Governor has succeeded where most of his compatriots are failing.

Make no mistake, the law giant frequently moves around the county inspecting numerous infrastructural and industrial projects initiated by his government to ensure respective contractors involved are up and working to required standards and not fooling the county by executing shoddy jobs.

To enforce this, the unflappable Governor developed an indepth performance contract like Rwanda for his county executives and heads of department and personally signed a social contract with locals on his economic blueprint.

This principled trajectory continued in his appointment of advisers, Chief Officers etc through a rigorous yet open process that ensures only the best qualified and most capable of hands are entrusted in manning core positions of governance. No more nepotism, cronyism, godfatherim or factionalism in Makueni.

Prof. Kibwana remains unperturbed and unfazed in his resolve to leap frog Makueni to the next level of economic, industrial, agricultural, health, human capacity devt and infrastructural sectors.

But he knows very well, corruption, mediocrity, inordinate ambition and lack of a shared vision are the greatest enemy of human civilization and in moving fast to slay these dragons, the road to progress can never be clearer.

Even to objective of critics and conscientious analysts, Makueni county government operates the most TRANSPARENT SYSTEM this side of hell. His worst of haters admit, he is succeeding where many are failing.

It is a indeed template to emulate in successful fight against corruption in a country suffering acute shortage of morally upright men.

In the words of reggae great Bob Marley “To who the cap fits, let him wear it.

Bravo Governor Kivutha.


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