Find out what caused Kyuso dormitory fire

On the 13th day of May at exactly 7:18 Pm, a fire broke out in one of the dormitories of Kyuso boys secondary school in Kyuso sub county within Kitui.
The fire that spread very fast, luckily left no student injured because they were in class attending their preps.
Unfortunately, everything went up flames and nothing was salvageed leaving the students in the cold.
According to Benjamin Nzioka, the School principal, there had been a power black out that and when the lights were back, the fire emerged.
The dormitory inhabited 151 students who were all present that day.
The School administration sent the students home after the incidence who reported back on Monday(21/5/2018) having cleared all the fee balances.
Kitui county Deputy Governor, Dr. Wathe Nzau who was at the institution yesterday(Monday), confirmed that the fire was caused by electric fault.
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