Ngilu Description to Leaders fighting mining in Kitui.


May ,Sunday, 20 Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has described Leaders opposing mining as vision – less. She said they are keen on perpetuating poverty in the county.

The Kitui Governor  described this group  of leaders as lacking vision.

They have become full of themselves after earning a salary for their legislative duties. They have no feeling for the lowly and poor Kitui people who will benefit from mineral exploitation,” Ngilu said.

Ngilu was addressing  a congregation  attended by  livestock keepers and merchants from the county at the Agricultural Training Centre in Kitui town.

Ngilu, who did not name anyone, said that with the support of residents, minerals “in all corners” of Kitui will be exploited as naysayers have no control over land owners.

Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi, in whose area blocks C and D of the Mui coal basin are found, recently spoke against Ngilu’s efforts to revive coal mining in the area.

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Mulyungi reportedly said  unless he is  involved and properly consulted on the matter, he will not allow the progress of the  work .

Irene Kasolu who is the Woman Representative  also opposed the coal mining project.

Other politicians  praised the Governor for efforts to make good use of minerals including copper, limestone, iron ore and coal.

Regarding livestock farming, Ngilu said the county will provide Artificial Insemination services.

Farmers will only be required  to pay a token Sh1,000 once they sell the resultant calves,” Ngilu   said.

Ngilu  announced that an ultra-modern slaughterhouse will be built in Kitui town and that Mwingi and Kabati trading centres will also have facilities.

“We want our people to benefit from all livestock products”, Ngilu said.

Meat will be transported in vans for sale.” She added.

A plan by the county  to give Livestock traders Soft Loans were  also endorsed in the meeting.

You will access loans to buy livestock from that account and once you sell, you will payback the principal amount and keep the profit,” Ngilu said.

The Governor  added that her administration has acquired five lorries to ferry cattle to market centres and that more will be bought for all parts of Kitui.

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Ngilu asked business people to ensure the animals do not lose weight and other value while being transported over long distances.

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