Bosco Mulwa, the Benga musician behind Mashujaa Day

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Musician Bosco Mulwa

During the drafting of the new constitution, Kenyans were asked to give their contributions to what they would like to be included in the draft.

The Kamba’s Benga musician, Bosco Mulwa, commonly known for his hit song ‘Mother’ was one of the good Kenyans who bothered to contribute.

Bosco Mulwa is a Kamba based musician known for the ‘One man, One Guitar’ type of music who is from Kathonzweni, Makueni County.

Bosco says he is the one who suggested that the government abolishes all holidays celebrating people and historical events and make it only one holiday, ‘Mashujaa Day’, hence its birth.

The musician, however, says he sang about Mashujaa Day ten years before the new constitution.

Before the merging of all the holidays, Kenyans used to celebrate Moi and Kenyatta Days which were merged to have one holiday to celebrate all the heroes in the country dubbed Mashujaa Day.

Mashujaa Day is marked on every 20th of October in the country.

During an interview with a local TV station, Bosco said his reason for coming up with one holiday was to make sure that all heroes in the country are celebrated and also save the country’s economy where most businesses were closed to celebrate a person.

The artist said this is his biggest contribution to the country which he is proud of.

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