Kitui female MPs join hands to quell/supress the plight of the girl child


Kitui County women parliamentarians have intensified their zeal to save the girl child from the various life setbacks that they have been undergoing out of their will and volition.Kitui South Lawmaker Hon. Rachael Nyamai in conjunction with the County Women Rep. Hon. Irene Kasalu publicly adressed the need for tackling the plight of the women in the today’s society.

Their speech comes in line with the programme that was launched by the First Lady H.E Margaret Kenyatta to adress the female issues and which Hon. Kasalu is the Secretary General.Through it, the girl child has now secured a place to seek solace.

In her tour to Kitui South constituency Wednesday, May 25th,2018 Hon. Kasalu clarified that the programme will be rolled to grassroot level to save more girls.Concerning the Gender Based Violence (GBV) the County MP warned the perpetrators that a severe punishment awaits them.The MP termed GBV as one of the main reason that has fuelled collapse of many families in Kenya.Kasalu insisted to pressure the National Government to ensure full stamp out of this vice in the modern societies.

We are number 2 in Kenya when it comes to rape cases and this must be tamed,” added Madam Kasalu.

The two MPs have heavily expressed their disappointment that some locals are still perpetuating these old fashioned vices that derail the achievements registered by the girl child.The two argued that no benefit can be singled out from these practices hence the immediate need to shun from them.

Also,Kasalu added that her development agenda would be soon tailored towards the local community but not selectively to the few self-centered individuals.She confirmed that her agendas are quite inclusive of all matters concerning the female gender such as forced early marriages, early pregnancies and the Female Genital Mutilation.

Addressing the Kitui South locals, the legislator challenged the women to rise up and join the National Government to completely quell these .Over the time,the Kenyan girl child has undergone for quite long despite the various mechanisms that have already been put in place to supress them.

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