Are the twins dating white ladies

TBROZ have been Brand Ambassadors of MISS FABULOUS AFRICA for 3 years.

The most celebrated tall dark and handsome Ukambani shinning stars, Tbroz Africa is a group of multi-talented twins who are models and brand ambassadors.

But who are they dating?

The young attractive artists’ mission is to impact positively on youths and the world through production and performance of creative and unique music.

The fantastic duo offers fine music delivered with experience, exceptional

quality, freshness and moral value. The mission is to offer high quality products to listeners and clients each and every time

“We also strive to be proactive members of our community since it forms strong and trusting relations that are key ingredients to our success.” T broz said.

The eye catching two also run a Corporate Social responsibility called artiste for humanity and The identical family association which is aimed at bringing all the identical, multiples and their families to address matters that are related to their welfare in the society.

Some of their achievement  include,

2011 : Endorsed to perform at Safaricom Kenya Live Machakos and Meru.

2011 – 2013: Endorsed as the Brand Ambassadors of Miss Fabulous Africa.


2013 : Founded a unique twin’s organization known for bringing out the

wow factor and joy to the events. (The Identical Family)

Have performed in most of the top corporate platforms.

Done a number of videos namely; Wake up Call, Haki Yangu, Wee ngolo and Kalekye Wakwa etc

Tbroz also love listening to music, Singing, Dancing, event organizing, travelling, socializing and doing research.

“We are currently managing and nurturing the twins’ talents of the Identical Family,” one of them added

Despite being one of the the best not only in kamba nation,the duo have not had a walk in the park when it comes to music industry.

“Our first show we performed for less than 3,000 inclusive of expenses, these translate to less than 1k exclusive of expenses,” said Tbroz

“We have also performed and the promoter akaingia mitini,” he added

Another challenge is,  we have curtain raised hadi mafans wakakataa tukishuka stage leading to the main artist refusing to do the show. This has made most artists avoid having us curtain raise. Tbroz added.

The Kitui rugby sevens will be made more lively by their thrilling performance on 1st -2 nd June.

TBROZ performing during safaricom live event at Kasarani

They are also rumoured to be dating white ladies. Attending the historical function will aid their fans discover this especially for the ladies.

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