We are not interested in your trillions governor Ngilu, Gideon Mulyungi


We are not interested in your trillions governor Ngilu, Gideon Mulyung

Mwingi central Member of National Assembly, Dr. Gideon Mulyungi has strongly turned tables on coal mining pact in rich Mui basin that is within his constituency in Kitui county which is said to be worth trillions of money.
Addressing Mathuki residents who had turned up in large numbers at the Shopping Centre, Dr. Mulyungi emphasized that he disputes coal mining pact as it does not favour residents but some other county government officials.
“We are very comfortable in our land minus the trillions promised which we are not sure if any of our residents will benefit from, ” the legislator pointed out.
The angry MP who did not sign coal mining documents that is set to kick off in six months time, expressed his dissatisfaction after Governor Ngilu told residents that she will relocate Mui residents to other grounds such as Kanyoonyoo, Engamba and Sosama.
“No one is willing  to leave their sweet  homes to go and live in the *flats* promised. My people are okay and contented here”, he stated.
The issue of digging out our departed ones is a major hinderance to the extraction process with the MP resisting the move to disinter their bodies to be burried elsewhere.
“According to the Kamba tradition, we bury our own at home not in the *makaburi*,” Tsunami pointed out
” Why would we disturb the dead and bring back the sad memories of our loved ones by exhuming them all because of this said trillions?,” Mulyungi added.
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